Thursday, 4 January 2018

Shradha Saburi

We have all heard this from our grandmother, Paurnamasi. She has informed us that Krsna was born in a ksatriya family previous to this birth and was known as Ramacandra. In that birth, instead of killing Vali, an enemy of His friend, in the manner of a ksatriya, He killed him just like a hunter. A hunter takes a secure hiding place and then kills an animal without facing it. So Lord Ramacandra, as a ksatriya, should have fought with Vali face to face, but instigated by His friend, He killed him from behind a tree. Thus He deviated from the religious principles of a ksatriya. Also, He was so attracted by the beauty of Sita that He converted Surpanakha, the sister of Ravana, into an ugly woman by cutting off her nose and ears. Surpanakha proposed an intimate relationship with Him, and as a ksatriya He should have satisfied her. But He was so selfish that He could not forget Sitadevi and converted Surpanakha into an ugly woman. Before that birth as a ksatriya, He took His birth as a brahmana boy known as Vamanadeva and asked charity from Bali Maharaja. Bali Maharaja was so magnanimous that he gave Him whatever he had, yet Krsna as Vamanadeva ungratefully arrested him just like a crow and pushed him down to the Patala kingdom.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Dasa Mahavidyas








With Shiva
Describing about the ten incarnations and their corresponding power (Shakti), Sutji said-
  1. The first incarnation of lord Shiva was as Mahakal and his Shakti was called Mahakali. 
  2. Lord Shiva took his second incarnation as Tar and his Shakti was called 'Tara'. 
  3. The third incarnation of Lord Shiva was as Bhuvaneshwar and his Shakti was called 'Bhuvaneshwari'. 
  4. Lord Shiva took his fourth incarnation as 'Shodash' who was also known as 'Srividdyesh' and his Shakti was called 'Shodashi' or 'Shri'. 
  5. Lord Shiva took his fifth incarnation as Bhairav and his Shakti was called 'Bhairavi'. 
  6. The sixth incarnation of Lord Shiva is famous as 'Chhinamastak' and his Shakti by the name of 'Chhinamasta. 
  7. Lord Shiva took his seventh incarnation as 'Dhoomvan' and his Shakti was known as 'Dhoomvati. 
  8. The eighth incarnation was as Baglamukh and his Shakti as Baglamukhi. 
  9. The ninth incarnation of lord Shiva became famous as Matang and his Shakti as 'Matangi'. 
  10. Lord Shiva took his tenth incarnation as 'Kamal' and his Shakti as Kamala.
If these ten incarnation of Shiva are worshipped along with his ten Mahavidyas then a man attains salvation.