Wednesday, 13 September 2017


In Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.46.31) it is said that Balarama and Krsna are the origin of all living entities and that these two personalities enter into everything. A list of incarnations is given in Srimad-Bhagavatam (1.3), and they are as follows:

(1) Kumaras,
(2) Narada,
(3) Varaha,
(4) Matsya,
(5) Yajna,
(6) Nara-narayana,
(7) Kardami Kapila,
(8) Dattatreya,
(9) Hayasirsa,
(10) Hamsa,
(11) Dhruvapriya or Prsnigarbha,
(12) Rsabha,
(13) Prthu,
(14) Nrsimha,
(15) Kurma,
(16) Dhanvantari,
(17) Mohini,
(18) Vamana,
(19) Bhargava (Parasurama),
(20) Raghavendra,
(21) Vyasa,
(22) Pralambari Balarama,
(23) Krsna,
(24) Buddha
(25) Kalki.

Because almost all of these twenty-five lila-avataras appear in one day of Brahma, which is called a kalpa, they are sometimes called kalpa or lila avataras. Out of these, the incarnation of Hamsa and Mohini are not permanent, but Kapila, Dattatreya, Rsabha, Dhanvantari and Vyasa are five eternal forms, and they are more celebrated. The incarnations of the tortoise Kurma, the fish Matsya, Nara-narayana, Varaha, Hayasirsa, Prsnigarbha, and Balarama are considered to be incarnations of vaibhava.


Saturday, 22 July 2017


Then Devi Lalita assumed various forms: as Durga she was in full form of unusual splendour; as Narayani she alighted a Simha Vahana and fought; and she destroyed Mahashasura as Chandika as described in ‘Durga Saptashati’. Bhandasura released ‘Mookaastra’ and Devi in turn created the Astra of ‘Vakvaadini’. Bhandasura used Vedaapaharana Astra and she met it with her right hand thumb!

  1. Bhanda’s ‘Arnavaastra’ created huge flows of gushing water which was arrested by an Adi Kurma of yojana’s height and width as created by Devi’s right hand’s pointing finger. 
  2. Bhanda sent an Astra called Hairanyaaksha which created thousands of ‘Hiranyakshas ‘and Devi created Maha Varaaha from her right hand middle finger who destroyed them all. An infuriated Bhanda produced crores of Hiranyakashipus but an unperturbed Devi frowned from where emerged Prahladaas and Nrisimha Rupas from her right ring finger who were like Pralaya Rudras laying the Hiranya kashipus on the Deva’s lap and pulled out his intestines and blood. 
  3. Similarly Devi Lalita created Vamana Devas from her right hand little finger to control Balendras; 
  4. Parashu Ramas to kill Kartaveerarya- arjunas from her left hand thumb; 
  5. Shri Rama to destroy the ten headed Ravana and Kumbhakarna and Lakshmana to kill Indrajit and from Devi’s left pointing finger; Balarama from materialised from Devi’s left middle finger to kill Asuras; 
  6. Vaasudeva was created by the left hand ring finger of Lalita Devi and he terminated countless Rajaasuras and other Rakashasaas like Kamsa, Sishupaala, Dantavaktra, Poundraka, Shambara, Pralamba, Narakasura, Banaasura and so on and thereby reduced the weight of Evil on Bhumi 
and from her left hand little finger created Kali Deva who ended up Huna-Yavana- Kirataka and others. As all the Evil Forces were uptooted by Durga Devi thus, Devi Lalitamba liquidated Bhandasura’s Senapatis with Narayanaastra and finally only Bhandasura was left out. She then released ‘Maha Kameshwaraastra’ which had the extraordinary radiance and energy of thousand Suryas and ultimately the greatest menace in Tri Lokaas was demolished; the Sunyaka Nagari was burnt off with the flames of the Kameswarastra and thus the Dwiteeya Swarga which Bhandaasura created sixty thousand years ago was turned into heaps of ashes; and so did Bhandasura whom Ganesha materialised from the ashes of Manmatha as a play! With the termination of Maha Bhanda, Devas celebrated with resonant sounds of Celestial Drums and showers of flowers from Swarga and they were re-installed in their original positions.